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Singleton and Unit Tests

9 Oct


Singletons [1] are considered a cancer for many people, however, while python modules can act very well as singletons they can’t be extended, and then we use a singleton class. I have using singletons classes in two projects, first is django-breadcrumbs, that use singletons to store breadcrumbs and than present it in templates. Another project, […]

Solving (partially) South issue on not updating permissions.

9 Mar

South have a already know issue [1] about no update permissions of added models. The common fix is run syncdb –all, Django Extensions [2] app also have a management command called update_permissions what is very usefull and also do the job. But, any of us want to remember about that every time, so to […]

Fast post: Mock Logging Handler for python unit tests

6 Oct


Here I’m writing tests for django-data-importer when I found following mock to use in unit tests: Refers to

Steve Jobs – 1955 to 2011, to world

6 Oct


I’m a linuxer, a addicted on Linux, the kind one that use Gentoo (and many people here don’t know what is Gentoo). I’m a guy that simple don’t like IOs or MAC OS, but any – and I reinforce, ANY – people that lived last 10 years should say thanks to the man, to the […]

Python Brasil 7 – Resuminho do terceiro e último dia ;-(

2 Oct

Python Brasil 7

Muitas horas atrasado mas aqui estou para registrar o terceiro dia de Python Brasil 7. Ontem foi um dia sensacional, tivemos palestras técnicas sensacionais, muitas voltado ao publico que está começando (a maioria na python brasil desse ano), fiquei um tempão no Open Space preparando minha palestra relâmpago, vendo o @bgola desenvolver uma solução de […]

Python Brasil 7 – Resuminho do segundo dia.

1 Oct

Python Brasil 7

Continuando com o resumo da Python Brasil 7, hoje foi um dia sensacional com ótimas palestras técnicas, relâmpagos e um DOJO no final para animar todo mundo :). Começando com Gustavo Niemeyer na sua palestra Python 4 que rendeu elogios durante todo o dia, ele falou de GO e elogiou muito o PyPI (eu não […]

Python Brasil 7 – Resuminho do primeiro dia.

30 Sep

Python Brasil 7

Boaaaaaaaaa noite senhores (e senhoras). Eu sou o Felipe chronos, também conhecido com chronossc (já existiam alguns ‘chronos’ por ai :]), hoje sou desenvolvedor Django e como todo bom dev entusiasta do mundo Open Source (e basta falar isso, não quero falar da minha vida toda :]). Esse ano coincidiu de eu ter um chefe […]

Introdução ao PostgreSQL e HTML 5 (WTH!?)

1 Sep


MySQL is a SGBD very well know, and many people know how ‘use’ it. The PostgreSQL SGBD isn’t so well know as MySQL, and many people just heard about :). With this fact,  a little ago, I started to develop some introductory slides targeting people at Lightcomm, company where I live 8 hours/day. The slides is […]

JSONResponse – Trabalhando com JSON em Django, o jeito fácil.

14 Apr


There are dozen of articles and snippets about how work with JSON and Django, however I saw that most are a bit vague and solution involves use of simplejson to serialize and HttpResponse to send response from the view. There are some details that normally aren’t covered and now I show a easy way and […]

Vim confs prontas para trabalhar com Python e Django

7 Mar

original wombat theme with my custom wombat theme

This weekend I reworked on my .vimrc and put some extra time in make things work better for me in python and django coding :). I did a nice job and now I can code with much more goodies. Results are: A very commented and customized .vimrc. Support for python omnicompletion. Adding django and python […]