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Boost Eclipse Performance (also works for ZendStudio)

19 Oct

Eclipse is my daily IDE, it handles my needs fairly well, but is very common to see people asking around how to make it faster, or why is it so damn slow. Its easy to make it way faster, what I don’t really understand is why eclipse’s config file comes with such low values for […]

Vim confs prontas para trabalhar com Python e Django

7 Mar

original wombat theme with my custom wombat theme

This weekend I reworked on my .vimrc and put some extra time in make things work better for me in python and django coding :). I did a nice job and now I can code with much more goodies. Results are: A very commented and customized .vimrc. Support for python omnicompletion. Adding django and python […]

VIM colorscheme Wombat – customizado

13 Apr

Searching for cool python related plugins for VIM I found (tripped) in a theme called Wombat, a variation of Desert theme created by Lars H. Nielsen. So, I get it, and worked a bit on, making some changes to made it a bit more dark, like I did on my custom desert theme. Here is […]

Tema desert para o vim customizado.

6 Apr

Hello! In first article of ‘new’ blog with new design, I show for you the cause of this initial move. I make some modifications in desert vim theme and now he is very confortable to work on my long nights at weekends (when I not with my girlfriend). Below, I show two screenshots, one with […]

Indentando seus arquivos automaticamente e em massa com o VIM.

8 Sep

Hey people After a long time without post on blog, but always colecting ideas, the tip of today touch in a delicated area, code indent. Around all word we found ugly and mall indented codes (except in python :]), and, when working with PHP, this is a case extremely normal and really sucks. So, one […]