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Vim confs prontas para trabalhar com Python e Django

7 Mar

original wombat theme with my custom wombat theme

This weekend I reworked on my .vimrc and put some extra time in make things work better for me in python and django coding :). I did a nice job and now I can code with much more goodies. Results are: A very commented and customized .vimrc. Support for python omnicompletion. Adding django and python […]

Mudar charset e quebra de linha recursivamente no Linux

26 Feb

Sometime ago I have to change the charset and line breaks of a web application from charset iso-8859-1 (US-Latin) to UTF-8 and linux break lines to windows break lines. At that time chronos helped to create this small script that I’m sharing now: #!/bin/sh #change extensions filter as you need 😉 find -type f | […]

Migrando bases de dados LATIN1 para UTF-8 com o PostgreSQL

6 Feb

Nowadays it is a standard that all web sites and servers run at least with UTF-8 encoding as default, however you can find cases where it is LATIN1 or even ASCII. The case we are dealing with today is a Debian server, version 5.0.3 (etch), which used encode LATIN1 as default encoding when installed and […]

Configurando mĂșltiplos ambientes Python

27 Jan

Multiple python environments Work with various python versions with multiple versions of python environments has become something common in my life, and, I believe that an easy way of setting this environments are something very useful, and not simple for most of people. I created a simple shell script that set this environment, that is […]

Compilando fĂĄcil com Debian/Ubuntu

3 Jan

As a user of the old friend gentoo I always missed the lack of possibilities to compile softwares to have a better performance.Mainly in server-side softwares like Java, PHP, Apache, Mysql and Postgres.In my tests I always felt the diference between pre-compiled versions and the softwares compiled in loco. In Debian/Ubuntu the discover of apt-build […]

Atualize o hosts.deny para bloquear tentativas de brute force

2 Sep

Here I show a sinple script to block IPs that try brute force at your host, preventing you from use a alternative ssh port, as example. The script runs over /var/log/messages and detect via regex brute force attemps, and add IPs to /etc/hosts.deny Code: #!/bin/bash cp /etc/hosts.deny /var/tmp/hosts.deny # Jun 8 00:39:43 mintaka sshd[23332]: User […]

Jogue seus games de playstation no seu Linux

4 May

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Meus 3 dias testando KDE 4.2.2

16 Apr

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Indentando seus arquivos automaticamente e em massa com o VIM.

8 Sep

Hey people After a long time without post on blog, but always colecting ideas, the tip of today touch in a delicated area, code indent. Around all word we found ugly and mall indented codes (except in python :]), and, when working with PHP, this is a case extremely normal and really sucks. So, one […]

Matando sessÔes de outros usuårios em servidores *nix, mas só como root.

29 Jun

Bem, certo dia da minha vida, tive que kickar um sysadmin do servidor dele, onde eu estava instalando um portal pq ele realmente estava me atrapalhando, ficava reiniciando postgresql toda hora, o servidor tambĂ©m … enfim, ridĂ­culo :D. Me bateu uma luz (por causa do mesmo sysadmin) hoje e fiz uma coisa legal, segue abaixo […]