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Meus 3 dias testando KDE 4.2.2

16 Apr

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Indentando seus arquivos automaticamente e em massa com o VIM.

8 Sep

Hey people After a long time without post on blog, but always colecting ideas, the tip of today touch in a delicated area, code indent. Around all word we found ugly and mall indented codes (except in python :]), and, when working with PHP, this is a case extremely normal and really sucks. So, one […]

pingping – Verificando conexão com servidores.

25 Jun

Above is my pingping script. This script send a mail alert when some server stop, based on regular ICMP requests. Read it! #!/bin/sh # This script send ICMP requests for each server on SERVIDORES list and sends # emails for emails in LISTA_EMAILS list why one of servers doesn’t reply # You only receive alerts […]