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Migrando bases de dados LATIN1 para UTF-8 com o PostgreSQL

6 Feb

Nowadays it is a standard that all web sites and servers run at least with UTF-8 encoding as default, however you can find cases where it is LATIN1 or even ASCII. The case we are dealing with today is a Debian server, version 5.0.3 (etch), which used encode LATIN1 as default encoding when installed and […]

Compilando fácil com Debian/Ubuntu

3 Jan

As a user of the old friend gentoo I always missed the lack of possibilities to compile softwares to have a better performance.Mainly in server-side softwares like Java, PHP, Apache, Mysql and Postgres.In my tests I always felt the diference between pre-compiled versions and the softwares compiled in loco. In Debian/Ubuntu the discover of apt-build […]

Atualize o hosts.deny para bloquear tentativas de brute force

2 Sep

Here I show a sinple script to block IPs that try brute force at your host, preventing you from use a alternative ssh port, as example. The script runs over /var/log/messages and detect via regex brute force attemps, and add IPs to /etc/hosts.deny Code: #!/bin/bash cp /etc/hosts.deny /var/tmp/hosts.deny # Jun 8 00:39:43 mintaka sshd[23332]: User […]

pingping – Verificando conexão com servidores.

25 Jun

Above is my pingping script. This script send a mail alert when some server stop, based on regular ICMP requests. Read it! #!/bin/sh # This script send ICMP requests for each server on SERVIDORES list and sends # emails for emails in LISTA_EMAILS list why one of servers doesn’t reply # You only receive alerts […]