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Problema com cores do WP-Syntax

14 Jul

WP-Syntax are plugin that highlight code snippets on all my posts. My big friend Handrus notified me that after upgrade to WP 2.8.1 colors was wrong, so I adjusted some colors but not at all. WP-Syntax uses Geshi, and configuration of colors with WP-Syntax-Colorizer are really a headcache, now my plan is get WP-Syntax and […]

Template para páginas do WordPress para mostrar somente posts de uma categoria.

9 Jul

Fast code snippet to get one page template that show posts of one category: Add in your template page following code: Now, in your page add a custom field named ‘category’, field value is slug name of category. Save the page and be happy! Now you can use same template for various pages and show […]

WordPress multilanguage com qTranslate

14 Apr

Sorry, this entry is only available in Português.