Vim confs prontas para trabalhar com Python e Django

7 Mar

This weekend I reworked on my .vimrc and put some extra time in make things work
better for me in python and django coding :). I did a nice job and now I can
code with much more goodies.

Results are:

  • A very commented and customized .vimrc.
  • Support for python omnicompletion.
  • Adding django and python paths automatically to vim.
  • Setting DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE automatically to vim, so you can complete your own code.
  • SnipMate support for django and django templates.
  • Django templates with support for highlighting in tags and use of ‘%’ with matchit.
  • Nice python folding and jumping.
  • A custom gui dark/grey theme called wombat.
  • A session manager to easily save session and load all when you back.

Here is files to download:

If you prefer, here is url of github:

This pack can’t be created with some plugins and docs, here is reference:

Additionally (thx Handrus), I suggest for who write much HTML the SparkUp vim and textmate plugin ;). I not tested, yet, but sounds nice.

Thanks for you that read it, thank you for all that wrote all nice plugins,
thanks very much to freenode #vim channel and awesome vim doc! Now let’s code
with vim 😉

** Updated
2010-03-07: I repacked files because I removed some debug messages, so for who already downloaded, download again 😉
2010-03-08: I repacked again and added to github with some fixes.

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3 Responses to “Vim confs prontas para trabalhar com Python e Django”

  1. Nathan Souza April 7, 2010 at %I:%M %p #

    Opa, vlw cara, vou usar isso no dia a dia ^^

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  2. pawnhearts March 24, 2010 at %I:%M %p #

    nice configs. try ropevim also

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