Solving (partially) South issue on not updating permissions.

9 Mar

South have a already know issue [1] about no update permissions of added models. The common fix is run syncdb –all, Django Extensions [2] app also have a management command called update_permissions what is very usefull and also do the job.

But, any of us want to remember about that every time, so to automatize permissions creation I ‘copied’ idea of Django Extensions update_permissions command and put it to a method connect to a post_migrate [3] South signal. This do the job every time a app is migrated and with time can be extended to remove permissions also :). The code use built in Django features.

Here is the code, I put it in my project/


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Solving (partially) South issue on not updating permissions., 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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  1. Mark Harmison November 27, 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    This worked great until I found that my automated tests and some cron jobs stopped working because those script didn’t have DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE defined. There’s a thread here that does a good job describing the situation:

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  2. Rodrigo Pinheiro Matias August 22, 2012 at %I:%M %p #

    I change the line 10

    import settings


    from django.conf import settings

    For django work in evolution of settings.

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