Comparação de Frameworks Javascript

20 Jul

Particulary I use Jquery and a lot of people come to me to compare it with ExtJS, MooTools, Prototype, YUI and Dojo. I was on debt with chronosbox as well so, here goes my first article!

  1. Velocity
    Worth to remember that each browser presents different numbers, my tests using slickspeed framework:

    Browser Dojo ExtJS JQuery Mootools MochiKit Prototype YUI
    Chrome 2.0 22 66 24 90 838 409 308
    Firefox 3.0 190 306 209 231 5013 298 547
    IE7 647 538 800 1099 120388.16666666665 2696 2102
    Safari 4.0 9 85 14 65 1005 220 238
    Opera 9.64 92 135 306 212 4092 200 441


  2. Compatibility
    ExtJs is the only one from above that isn’t covered by this tests, but it was made to be compatible with Jquery, Prototype and JQuery, also the team grant compatibility with the “A” equivalent.In the previous test only MochiKit presented errors, but its considered one of the good guys, so I believe we can put ExtJS in the same line.

    Ajax/DHTML Libraries DHTML-only Libraries
    THE GOOD GUYS (Grade A Toolkits)
    Dojo Toolkit DHTML Kitchen
    Echo 2 DynAPI 3.0
    Javascript/Ajax Toolbox How To Create
    Jitsu Open Cube
    jQuery Todd Ditchendorf’s DHTML Gallery
    jsLINB UIZE JavaScript API
    MochiKit Walter Zorn
    Moo.fx X Library
    Yahoo! User Interface Library  
    Zapatec Ajax Suite  
    THE BAD GUYS (Grade D or E Toolkits)
    AjaxFace Bindows
    EBA Ajax Plex Toolkit
    Microsoft Atlas ThyApi
    TIBCO General Interface  

    A – IE6+, FF1+,Safari 1.2+,Other DOM | B – IE6+
    , FF2+,Safari + | C – IE6, FF1+ | D – IE6.

  3. Size
    YUI – 43Kb (Core + Selector)
    Moochikit – 51Kb
    Jquery – 56Kb
    Mootools – 65Kb
    Dojo – 79Kb
    Prototype – 126Kb
    Extjs – 131Kb
  4. Rich Internet Application
    This is a technical draw since everyone present the basics components to build a rich applications, even ExtJS showing this much more easily than the others and Jquery having much more options than the others it all a question o search what you need. To make this step easier here goes 2 links:
  5. Documentation
    In terms of documentation ExtJS its a show a part in visual organization, but the lack of sample codes make the lerning hard.Dojo docs its simply a list of functions, YUI its so hard that seeing the site I can’t believe that Yahoo realy have a usability architect…  Mootools is going on the right path, maybe with more “demos” it can become a very good doc, moochikit have a doc that is soooo basic… Jquery for the number of examples and the initiative of the Visual JQuery will be the winner in this topic.


In terms of velocity and comptibility we can consider a draw between Jquery, MooTools, ExtJS, Prototype and Dojo. But in size ExtJS and Dojo are more tahn 20Kb bigger, with is much on slower internet connections.
In overall Jquery and Mootools are the winners, and for minimal details like size and comunity activity I will Consider the rank in this way:

  1. Jquery
  2. Mootols
  3. Prototype/ YUI
  4. ExtJS/Dojo
  5. MochiKit

A special warning for ExtJS – the license is dual: Commercial and GNU so you need to pay for use in particular applications. Take care!

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2 Responses to “Comparação de Frameworks Javascript”

  1. Chris van Rensburg July 26, 2009 at %I:%M %p #


    Thanks for mentioning UIZE. It’s listed under the “DHTML-only Libraries” column, but it actually does have good support for Ajax and other forms of asynchronous communication.

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    • Handrus Nogueira July 26, 2009 at %I:%M %p #

      The credit isn’t mine, UIZE is mentioned only on the table of accessibility test i grab from
      Anyway, thanks for read the post, I will try a depper look in UIZE 😉

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