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Hacked By Imam

9 Oct


Hacked By Imam with Love

Solving (partially) South issue on not updating permissions.

9 Mar

South have a already know issue [1] about no update permissions of added models. The common fix is run manage.py syncdb –all, Django Extensions [2] app also have a management command called update_permissions what is very usefull and also do the job. But, any of us want to remember about that every time, so to […]

JSONResponse – Trabalhando com JSON em Django, o jeito fácil.

14 Apr


There are dozen of articles and snippets about how work with JSON and Django, however I saw that most are a bit vague and solution involves use of simplejson to serialize and HttpResponse to send response from the view. There are some details that normally aren’t covered and now I show a easy way and […]

Vim confs prontas para trabalhar com Python e Django

7 Mar

original wombat theme with my custom wombat theme

This weekend I reworked on my .vimrc and put some extra time in make things work better for me in python and django coding :). I did a nice job and now I can code with much more goodies. Results are: A very commented and customized .vimrc. Support for python omnicompletion. Adding django and python […]

Configurando múltiplos ambientes Python

27 Jan

Multiple python environments Work with various python versions with multiple versions of python environments has become something common in my life, and, I believe that an easy way of setting this environments are something very useful, and not simple for most of people. I created a simple shell script that set this environment, that is […]

Manipulando erros Http 403 (permissão negada) no Django

24 Nov


In this post, I show a new Middleware, built to deal with errors 403 (Http Forbidden, access denied) like we work with 404 error in Django.

Fast quote on #django

26 Jul

Fast quote on #django <the-teacher> the-man: welcome to Python <the-man> the-teacher: welcome to what? <the-man> the-teacher: what is a python? <some-people> lol <the-teacher> the-man: the language Django is written in, you twit <chronos> husahduas… I’m reading it.. <the-man> the-teacher: language? <some-people-2> the-man, … <the-man> the-teacher: like, english? <chronos> need a quote… <some-people> ” <the-man> oh […]

Django apps (coleção) – parte 1

19 Jul

Actually, I’m working with Python e Django, both language and framework are excellency softwares and I’m have plans to develop a big project with Django. So, as my first post about Django on blog I’m listening here a bunch of useful apps for your project. Most of this apps was found in a fast search […]