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JSONResponse – Trabalhando com JSON em Django, o jeito fácil.

14 Apr


There are dozen of articles and snippets about how work with JSON and Django, however I saw that most are a bit vague and solution involves use of simplejson to serialize and HttpResponse to send response from the view. There are some details that normally aren’t covered and now I show a easy way and […]

Comparação de Frameworks Javascript

20 Jul

Eu particularmente uso JQuery e muita gente sempre me procura para compara-la à ExtJS, MooTools, Prototype, YUI e Dojo. Como também faz tempo que estou devendo um post pro Chronosbox… aqui está!

Django apps (coleção) – parte 1

19 Jul

Actually, I’m working with Python e Django, both language and framework are excellency softwares and I’m have plans to develop a big project with Django. So, as my first post about Django on blog I’m listening here a bunch of useful apps for your project. Most of this apps was found in a fast search […]